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    While most people consider the opposite of love to be something related to the English word “hate,” this Global Spirit program explores the oppositional relationship between love and fear.
    For thousands of years, people of every tradition have embarked on long and difficult journeys to sacred places in search of various benefits. This program sheds light on various dimensions of this timeless ritual.
    This program visits two contemporary communities to witness their most important practices, and to access their potential to transform consciousness and catalyze positive societal change.
    This program explores the origins, translations and interpretations of sacred texts and sheds light on the mystical experience these texts often originate from. Engaging scholars, translators, and practitioners from three faiths explore how these texts have influenced entire civilizations.
    What is God? The Creator above men, Nature, or a transcendent quality such as enlightenment? The search for God is perhaps the oldest of all spiritual quests. This program brings together two teachers from different faiths that have devoted their lives and teachings to the concept of “God” or “Ultimate Reality.”
    From different cultures come stories that connect us, not just with others, but with that which gives our lives meaning. This unique program brings together two guests that use the power of story and storytelling as a means of remembering. The world is full of wise stories – we just need to listen.
    Our most basic understanding of life is in many ways determined by our understanding of death. While to some, death is an end in itself, to others it is the final test of faith in the existence of a God or an afterlife.
    “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love.” – Rumi
    How did a 13th-century Sufi mystic from Central Asia become the most widely read poet in the U.S.? This program explores the depths of Rumi’s poetry and teachings.
    With global warming on the rise and the number of animal species now declining at alarming rates, this program asks if we, humans, are trapped in a never-ending destructive cycle fed by our ever-increasing desires.
    In Eastern traditions, wisdom is often synonymous with the truth available only to those who can see beyond the ever-changing. This program examines the true nature of wisdom, and why our survival today as a species and a planet may depend on it.
    This powerful music-driven documentary is a compelling portrait of an Arab country where Muslims, Christians, and Jews have lived together in relative peace for centuries. This program demonstrates how music can be a strong starting point for reducing conflict.
    With the dramatic increase in global warming, the United Nations has realized that native peoples may possess some critical keys to the very survival of our species. This program talks to a range of renowned indigenous leaders and tells a story of the non-violent resistance at Standing Rock.


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