The Art of Living and Dying

"I only caught the last half an hour of the show but what I watched and learned WILL stay with me forever. All I can say is WOW and thank you!!"
"Your Global Spirit TV program is a refreshing insight to Consciousness. It reflects many of my guru, Swami Amar Jyoti's, teachings as well which is a reminder of our spiritual heritage by the Masters of many traditions. Thank you for airing this program." ~ Carol Maun
“I am so touched, I am choking with deep emotion, teary eyed and ecstatic.”
“A very timely conversation. I spent time with my 97 year-old aunt last night as she is dying... My aunt told me many years ago she would be my mother... Last night I told her she was free to go and be with my mother, her sister. Thank you for this most informative talk. The part on forgiveness was amazing.”
“My job is to give away Love. Depression gets in the way by disconnecting me from the Universe. Music is often the way back for me. Music is Love. I'm very grateful for the Love from Global Spirit and the Universe.”
"I am blown away by how incredibly awesome this series is! I haven’t finished watching them all, but I am deeply moved and touched by these discussions. So powerful! Amazing TV, please keep doing what you are doing!" ~ Katy Throop Montanez

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The Art of Living and Dying

  • How can we achieve a less fearful and more conscious death?
  • How important are the qualities of love and forgiveness as the moment of death approaches?
  • How can we live our daily lives in such a way to better prepare us for death?

Since the phenomenal impact of the book “The American Way of Death” in the 1960s, we have slowly come to recognize that not all cultures look at crossing the threshold from life to death in the same way. This program brings together two leaders in the end-of-life movement, one Buddhist and one Christian, to explore the qualities that best help the dying and their surviving families to cross that threshold. The program underscores the profound truth that only by more fully understand the meaning of death, can we come to a deeper understanding and appreciation of life.

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Program Guests

Therese Schroeder-Sheker

Therese Schroeder-Sheker

Therese Schroeder-Sheker is a lay Benedictine, the founder of the Chalice of Repose Project and the palliative medical modality known as “music-thanatology.” Therese and her musician-clinician colleagues work in hospitals and hospices to facilitate intensified living through the possibility of a blessed, peaceful or conscious death.

Frank Ostaseski

Frank Ostaseski

Frank Ostaseski, a practicing Buddhist, is the co-founder of the Zen Hospice Project and currently serves as the director of The Metta Institute. He leads workshops and hospice centers, encouraging people to use death, tragedy and vulnerability as catalysts for powerful transformation.

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  1. Karen Gifford

    This episode of Global Spirit inspired me to donate and become a regular watcher. I am grateful a show that expands my awareness 🙂

  2. Gary Rametta

    a beautiful, uplifting and nourishing discussion.

    thank you!